Biostimulant and biofertilizer for Tomatoes and SOLANACEAE family


Funciona como vigorizante para las bacterias benéficas existentes en el suelo. Además, ayuda a la retención de humedad y mayor aporte de contenido orgánico que le regresa los nutrientes al suelo.

Para Jitomate, Tomate, Chiles, Tabaco y Berenjena.


El Kit incluye:

1 Germen Energy Plus – Galón (3.78 L)
1 Germen Energy 5 ml
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Activador Metabólico Celular

At Germen, we are working on research, development of microorganisms and organic products, as well as innovative solutions aimed at the agricultural, agri-food and industrial sectors, which combined with sustainable techniques, aim to offer natural alternatives that are friendly to the environment.

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    Save up to 50% on fertilization


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Easy to use - Improves nutrient utilization up to 50%

High impact on increased production and improved transplant response

Bio-stimulation of beneficial microorganisms to improve crop quality

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